Intravenous Hydration

Daybreak Wellness partners with Revive Medical Aesthetics of Sisters to provide IV therapy by appointment in our recovery lounge. Katie Lamb, RN, BSN is a certified nurse injector with extensive training in IV placement and is committed to providing the safest and most effective hydration services to our clients.

IV (intravenous) nutrient therapy is a medical treatment by which sterile solutions of vitamins, minerals and other naturally occurring nutritive substances are infused directly into the blood stream. Some of the potential benefits of IV nutrient therapy are to supply nutrients to the cells without gastrointestinal interference, infusing higher doses than can be taken orally, to assist with repletion in deficient states, and cause disease modification or enhance a cellular process. 

IV hydration therapy can be a great way to help kickstart rehydration. When you receive IV therapy, fluids are injected directly into your bloodstream. This allows fluids to be introduced into your body in a faster and more efficient.

Staying hydrated is crucial for many reasons. It improves sleep quality, cognition, mood, and even skin appearance. Good hydration also helps prevent infections, regulates body temperature, keeps joints lubricated, and keeps organs functioning properly.