Compression Boots

Here at Daybreak Wellness we have compression boots, hip and arm sleeves to address all of your worn out major muscle groups.

Intermittent pneumatic compression boots mechanically inflate and deflate segments of a sleeve at different times. Compression boots go up to the top of your thighs, so your entire leg reaps the benefits for recovery from exercise.

Research articles on the benefits:

  • Better blood flow and circulation which contributes to faster recovery (PMID: 29122964)
  • Reduce swelling and muscle pain caused by the repetitive stress of running or lifting heavy (PMID: 27011305)
  • Reduced recovery time from delayed onset muscle soreness, the dreaded DOMS (PMID: 29795729)
  • In most cases, use of compression boots is more effective after workouts

Avoid compression boots if:

You have a skin condition that makes skin fragile
  • Open sores
  • Skin infections
  • Lack of sensation in the leg or foot
  • Severe peripheral neuropathy
  • Peripheral arterial disease


Research compiled by Naturopathic Physician Dr. Dan Carter