The Marc Pro is an electronic muscle stimulation devices that helps you: recover faster, eliminate soreness and fatigue, prevent overuse injury, relieve exercise related pain, maximize gains, improve performance, and optimize biomechanics.

This device utilizes a proprietary dynamic decaying waveform which comfortably contracts muscles and then slowly releases them over a period of time. Muscle fibers are allowed to properly relax, and fluids are moved in and out of the area without causing fatigue to the muscle.

Marc Pro can be used any time that’s convenient for you. For the best recovery results, we recommend using the device after a workout for 30 minutes or longer. To warm up muscles, Marc Pro can be used for 10-15 minutes before activity.


Electrical muscle stimulation has been used for strengthening, maintenance of muscle mass and strength during prolonged periods of immobilization after sports injuries, selective muscle retraining, and the control of swelling. (PMID: 1565927) 

Research compiled by Naturopathic Physician Dr. Dan Carter