Vibroacoustic Therapy (VAT)


VAT is a non-invasive, energy-based alternative approach to wellness. It has been used for over 40 years and works by harnessing the healing power of sound converted into vibration. While energetically it works much like acupuncture, sound can penetrate much deeper into the body. Our bodies are composed mainly of water, so these sound vibrations set the water into motion at a deep cellular level, reverberating throughout the entire body. The molecules begin reacting and communicating with each other, leading to sense of deep relaxation and a more balanced and healthier state of being. 

What are the Benefits of Vibroacoustic Therapy?

While VAT cannot cure you of any disease, it is an effective, drug free modality that helps ease the symptoms of a number of conditions. Research and case studies have shown that VAT can help:
-Reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep 
-Alleviate pain from arthritis, injuries, cancer treatments

-Ease breathing issues from asthma and COPD
-Reduce blood pressure and aid in circulation 
-Speed rehabilitation after stroke, cardiac surgery, and knee and hip replacement surgery.  
-Alleviate many of the symptoms of MS and other progressive neurological diseases and disorders such as Parkinson’s Disease.


What happens during a session?

Vibroacoustic therapy is a soothing, relaxing experience that requires no special skills and which is conducted while you are fully clothed.  You lie directly on the specially designed lounge.

The therapy lasts about 25 minutes, and the special frequencies are chosen by the therapist after consulting with you.  In addition to the specific frequencies chosen for your needs, you may also have nature sounds or music along with the frequencies.